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Devotion - By Jade

This beautiful picture of Hanuman hugging Vishnu deeply touches me to my soul.

The powerful Hanuman demonstrates his undying love and deep devotion felt for his Creator, as he freely gives his affection and will over to his LORD.

What is striking to me is that he gives it because he wants and chooses to, not because he has to.

A wise Hanuman has willingly agreed to give himself over to the Divine, to do with whatever HE will with him, and in this, casts aside his Ego and his sorrows too.

To me, this is true devotion to the Divine.

To me this is the greatest LOVE.

How I came to know Hanuman

Recently, while visiting Taos, New Mexico, I visited a indian temple that reverenced Hanuman.

The marble made Hanuman was filled with peace and bliss, but nothing struck me so much as when I saw this stained glass image hanging in the window. Here is where I truly desire to be.

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