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Heaven Within - By Keenya

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Heaven is within you. When you begin to understand who you really are, you begin to see that you are the ultimate source of joy, peace, compassion and gratitude for yourself. This brings you complete freedom, for after realizing this, you no longer need to seek out peace where it is not; you will know where to find it.

One way to realize this truth, and to put it into practice, is continually training your mind to think thoughts that are in alignment with it. Another way is exploring your inner dimension; the dimension of the imagination. Exploring this dimension within yourself also gets you in touch with your true being, for you are no longer obeying laws placed upon you, but you are allowing your soul to freely explore itself, a both courageous and freeing act.

Central to this dimension is the question of "Who am I?", a question that no sage can answer you. You are more likely to find the answer to this in the wind, blowing through leaves on a warm spring day, for the answer is within you. Who are you?

When you explore your inner dimension, you will get a sense of your true self, and you will be able to explore places of unimaginable beauty that you did never know existed. Sounds like fun? The following is an exploration of my inner dimension, and if you wish to explore it yourself, I recommend you read this, and then just simply go within and explore it yourself in a comfortable setting.

Imagine floating in a completely dark space. You can’t see, smell or touch anything, but you feel infinity stretching around you in all directions. You feel right at home, and time seems to last an eternity. You are breathing deeply and slowly, fully letting the air in, waiting for a long second, and fully letting the air out again, without any effort.

Suddenly, four lines open up in the floor in front of you, revealing a rectangle of brilliant white light, blinding you temporarily as you close your eyes. You feel the light completely engulfing you, and you resist it not, letting yourself completely fall into its warmth and peace. As you open your eyes again, you are in awe as you notice you are in a completely new place…

It’s a beautiful summer day morning, and everything is absolutely calm. You are standing barefoot on a lush green meadow looking down on a beautiful lake. The golden light of the morning sun, the giver of life, is being reflected on its calm waters in all its glory. All around you trees stand tall and mightily, and you can tell nature here is completely pristine and untouched by man. All the animals in the forest are waking up, and you can hear hundreds of birds in your vicinity happily chirping their morning songs.

It’s like paradise! You notice your body feels so free and light, you can almost see through it, and you realize you are pure consciousness dreaming this world into existence. You start exploring the area, and the wet grass feels good on your feet when you walk. Nearby you discover a little stream with its waters playfully tumbling down into the lake below. A family of deer below is taking a sip out of this pure water, and as you watch them in amazement, they look back in curiosity and complete peace. You walk upstream and you see a meadow filled with bright yellow flowers. Right in the middle of this meadow you see a red wooden cottage.

As you approach this little cottage, wondering who might live here, you see that, although it’s a simple living space, everything seems clean and well taken care of. A little path leads up to some steps going up to the porch, and as you walk up to the steps you wonder if you should knock on the door.

You knock, but you notice the door is open as it gives way to your knock. As you slowly go in you see a comfortable bed in the corner, a fireplace that still has some warm ashes left, and a simple wooden table. You suddenly understand that this is your little home, your little meditation retreat that you have created for yourself to go back again and again when you want to. It feels like you’ve been here just yesterday, and your being shines out in joy, because you completely love this place. A little door leads out of the cottage to a back porch, and as you walk out you see a beautifully laid out garden in the back stretching out into the horizon. A big old tree stands there in the middle, tall and elegant, and the tree top majestically reveals itself in a deep lush green, the leaves dancing gracefully in a slight breeze. The air is fresh, and as you breathe in, the air cleanses your lungs, and revitalizes your body. As you stand there on the porch, touched by the beauty of this tree, you can feel a curious golden light coming out from deep within you, shining out of your eyes, revealing a world of peace in and around you that you have not experienced in a long time, but that you know very well.

You smile, you love this place. You want run into the garden to thank the heavens for all this beauty given to you! But there is a little morning shower, so you decide to sit down under the roof on this porch, in meditation position, to connect to this beautiful moment. You can see the sun, and the sun rays travel all the way through space, through the atmosphere to finally warm the skin cells on your face.

As you sit down on the back porch, on a little pillow, you straighten your spine as you slowly fill your lungs with air, revitalizing every cell of your being, and cleansing your body and mind. You have your eyes slightly open, and your mind is completely calm. You awareness notices every sound coming through your ears, the birds playfully singing, the river splashing down the hill, the rain drops hitting the roof, and the tree leaves dancing in the breeze, the light coming through your eyes, and the fragrance of flowers and pine trees in your nose. You just sit here for hours upon hours, every impression flowing by you, like the clouds in the afternoon sky above you. There is complete peace here, and your being has firmly found its place in the foundation of creation. You thinking is clear, and empty. No thoughts intrude your mind. The state of being you are in is one of complete BEingness: no fear nor desire intrudes the deep peace you feel inside of yourself. In all things in and seemingly outside of you, the true nature of all things is revealed to you: love in all its purity, like a mother loving her child in complete selflessness.

As it gets dark, and you are completely refreshed, stand up, bow to the one creator that loves you so, and walk out towards the big tree in the garden. Fireflies light up here and there, and make your heart smile in all its eternal youthfulness. In everything you look at: the earth, the sky, the tree, you recognize the source that everything comes from, and that connects all: love. As you look up into the sky, you stand back in amazement: millions of stars in the milky way shine down on you, each one suspended like a shining diamond in the heavens, greeting you, and shining just for you. You realize that the Universe is big, full of life, miracles and beauty.

As you walk towards the tree, you notice that every moment has a deep meaning, showing you your way home. A flock of birds playfully flies around the tree. You can hear the birds chattering away, and for the first time you ears are open, and you hear the birds singing praise for all creation. You notice three rings around the tree. The outer circle is of fire. The middle circle is of water. The inside circle is of earth.

Approaching the outer ring, you feel its warmth, for it represents the pure energy that drives all life, and that reveals itself in fire. You feel this fire in you, the passion and love that is the creative force in you, and that is always available when you need it.

As you get to the circle of water, you see that it’s a deep but narrow, with crystal clear pure waters, fluid like the myriad of forms that the unified energy behind everything creates. Emeralds and diamonds cover the river bed, and as you jump in, you notice the water is warmer than you thought it would be. You swim, and you feel the water purifying you. Your mind is emptied of all thoughts, and deep peace washes over you.

You arrive at the other side, and now you’re at the innermost circle, which is simply soil, surrounding the tree. You can smell the soil: fresh, healthy and thick black soil. Little flowers and plants grow here, and vegetables that are so healthy! You can tell the tree is nourished, and you notice that you are too: both earth and heaven always nourish you with abundant amount of energies that will keep you connected to your original source.

You’re now standing in front of the tree. You see the tree is very old and wise, but also very young in its heart, and majestic in its beauty. You feel love for the tree, and for all creation.

You now have the choice to come back to your waking life, and as you open your eyes you find yourself back at where you were before. Only now, you feel joyful, safe, and peaceful, slowly and calmly breathing. Everything and everyone in your life is a gift, and you are filled with gratitude for all that’s been given to you.

In complete peace, you go about your day, knowing that everything of joy and peace is always within you, easily within your reach. You carry out this knowingness into your life, sharing this gift with everyone around you, knowing that you and the whole planet are on the on the perfect path at this very moment, perfectly unfolding towards where they were meant to be: to a place of peace, joy, and a place where everything and everyone is ONE.

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