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Thinking about Ascension - By Jade

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"Ascension" has been on my mind a lot lately. Like, what exactly is it and how do I go about getting there? It sounds like the place to be. So I asked around to see what it was for others. These are the answers I got.

Ascension is the next level of consciousness and evolution.

To transcend the third dimensional thinking which has begun to mar the human experience.

An end to the mentality of greed, power and control, that has created conflicts, wars and problems in our ecological and social environments.

Ascension is the transformation of "me" thinking, into "we" recognition; that there is something greater outside ourselves than the petty problems that the Ego faces.

Some say it is a new understanding, a new realm of possibility where the old limitations, as we know them now, no longer apply. These are the old barriers to be broken through with excitement as we move onto new frontiers of exploration.

I wonder, is it a physical or mental/spiritual event that takes place? Is it literal, symbolic or both? Is it a literal new world, ...or the end of this one?

Is it 2012, the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age, The Second Coming of Christ?

Or could it be a state of mind?

Maybe it's about using more of the right side of the brain and less of the left.

Could this be the coming of a new way of thinking and experiencing, the release of physical, emotional and mental attachments that have created so much pain and suffering?

Are we actually moving into higher frequencies of vibration, thereby leaving this dimension behind?

Does my body have to pass away for me to ascend?

Is it the decomposition of all structures, material and illusion, or the realization that it's ALL just illusion?

Is it the end of fear?

Will we all become ONE?

I have been hearing about the "dawning of the Age of Aquarius" since I was a girl. I have been hearing about the "Second Coming of Jesus" even longer. I'm not sure I like all this waiting around. I mean, is it still coming or has it already come and we are just not aware of it yet?

I have been working hard to achieve this state for many years and recently took on a two-year process to really get down to it. I searched myself inside and out and learned a lot along the way. It wasn't until about a month ago that I came to "get it" for myself.

I had an experience when I went with some friends to Zion National Park. I had never been there before, so when we set out for Angel's Landing, I had no idea what to expect. Eventually, after walking for a very long time, I realized that we were going up to the top of a mountain. No doubt it was called Angel's Landing because it was a mountain peak that was perched high into the heavens. (Not kidding!)

We got to a certain point on the mountain, where my friends were resting and talking. I looked up at the last leg of the hike to the top, when an internal voice told me that it was time for me to continue on by myself. So I did.

If you have been there before, you know how treacherous it can be. I really don't know what I was thinking as I hiked up the steep rock incline leading up its narrow face. It really reminded me of the stairway to heaven. There was a thick chain bolted to the mountain for support and guidance that people could hold on to. No one else was around; it was getting late in the day, and I was on my own.

I quickly realized, what I was experiencing was a metaphor for my life. It was clearly crazy for me to go alone on a dangerous and unknown path, but still I was there, ...and without my jacket! As I began to get cold, I remembered that I had left it in my friends backpack down the hill.

I held onto the chain sometimes for guidance and support, but most of the time, I went without- I didn't always trust it.

Everything I did revealed something about myself and the way I have lived my life, even down to where I placed my feet as I climbed.

And there I was- climbing and again, trying to ascend to that somewhere that was so appealing to me - that place to reach, that place just beyond me, that final destination. A beautiful place that I have been so fascinated with, ever since my first "Near Death" experience, that occurred over 20 years ago.

I'm not even exaggerating when I say that this climb was really dangerous. I've had nightmares about it since then. Take a look for yourself.

The narrow trail went up on the spine of the mountain. There were many times when I was the tallest part where I was climbing. Meaning that my head was the tallest point to the sides and back of me- obviously the mountain in front of me was taller than me.

I didn't even dare to look off to the slick and steep sides for fear of losing my focus and falling to my death. (Obviously I looked or I wouldn't have known how steep and slick they were!) ;) Basically, I was cold, scared and feeling very vulnerable when I had this next experience. I stopped to catch my breath, and noticing that I was perched in a precarious position - I leaned into the mountain to keep my balance.

There, and alone in the deafening quietness, I heard this loud voice clearly ask, "Do you want to stay here? Or are you ready to go?" I was quite surprised as I realized the implications of what I was experiencing. An image of my 11-year old son immediately flashed before my eyes as I quickly yelled out, "No, I'm not ready to go! My life is not finished. I want to stay here!" The question vanished into nothing and I was left with the impact of what had just happened. I mean, I was visibly shaken by how close it was! Had my answer been different- I have no doubt I would have "accidentally" slipped and fallen to my death! No one would have ever known that I had been given a choice. I was "woken up" to just how fine a line it was to live or die. A thin line divided each side - by the power of my choice.

After that, I was strongly left with this thought in my mind– "BE HERE NOW!"

All of that searching for ascension and ways to ascend was taking me away from my life. It became quite clear to me why this powerful and dramatic display took place where it did. Although it seemed like that mountain was talking to me, for there was no one else around, I know in my heart that it was God showing me something that I had been unable to see for myself. How could I have seen? I had been searching in all the wrong places. To put this bluntly, this was a "shit or get off the pot" moment for me. I also knew that if there was a question of what was more powerful up there – the mountain or me? The mountain was going to win- every time. Again, I was left with the strength and power of God compared to the vulnerability and impermanence of me-the speck on the mountain,

It was as if God said, "Okay, you are choosing life, then stop all this other non-sense and BE WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW!"

You may be wondering, what does this story have to do with ascension? Well, let me tell you.

Several days later it came to me. The answer I was looking for was in the message given to me, "BE HERE NOW!" I realized, Ascension is not about getting somewhere or being someplace. It's not about being "over there" at some other time. It is about being here, right now. It is about being present! It is about being in your life, maybe even your death, for that matter- if it applies.

To ascend is to be conscious and aware. How could you be that if you are not present?

Ascension is about being where YOU are - instead of taking your Being somewhere else to get it. There is nowhere else but where you are!

Ascension is a state that has no time because it is only now, there is no comparison given by the past or the future, because they don't exist. They are just illusions. Because there is no past, there is no baggage and you are free. You are ascended from all your challenges, all your troubles.

To be Ascended is to be contented, peaceful and satisfied in the stillness of one's Being in any given moment. There is nowhere to get and nowhere to go, instead, just being.

Every Ascended Master that comes to my mind has recognized and come to this truth for them selves. They have mastered the art of "Being Present" by clearing out all of the clutter and chatter that caused them not to be present. They have received this gift of Ascension. So whether it's physical, mental/spiritual, literal or symbolic- it really doesn't matter. It's all the same in the end. It is being present no matter where YOU are.

So for me, Ascension is about bringing heaven to myself, by being heaven on earth.

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