Ascension Tribe

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ascension Tribe about?

Ascension Tribe is a spiritual family who, with varied uniqueness, comes together with one intention: to ascend into higher levels of experiencing ourselves and others as LOVE itself.

Ascension Tribe is about working and playing together in love, joy, peace and harmony.

As a tribe, we are consciously choosing to make a positive transformational difference as community, for our community. This is our gift.

Ascension Tribe is a powerful experience we create together

What is involved with being a part of Ascension Tribe theme camp?

Theme camp participation, which means sharing the responsibilities for setup, teardown, and the general running of the camp.

Because "many hands make light work" we try to make sure that everyone contributes their share of responsibility, without cutting into the time and enjoyment of people's Burning Man experience. In fact, we have found that the participation in Ascension Tribe theme camp greatly contributes to the overall Burning Man experience in a positive way.

Is there a camp fee?

Yes, there is a camp fee. Since we don't have a fundraiser to pay for the costs of running the theme camp, we figure having a camp fee is easier and more fair to everyone, to help split the costs. The camp fee is based on the Burning Man model, which is: the earlier you commit, the less money you pay. The later you commit, the more money you pay as Burning Man draws closer. We strive to keep our costs low so we can have a reasonable and affordable camp fee. Camp fee structure will be announced on this website.

How many people camp with Ascension Tribe?

Anywhere from 30 to 45 people.

What are the benefits involved with being a part of Ascension Tribe?

You are part of a tribe of really cool people who can become like family. A spiritually minded group, in an amazing environment, that, out of love and in the spirit of Burning Man contributes to the Burning Man community with conscious intent for growth and transformation.

Ascension Tribe becomes a support system - a place to hang out with shared resources: public spaces like the Ascension Temple, camp kitchen, shade structure and camp shower.

You also get a chance to serve your Burning Man community, which really adds to the experience of Burning Man.

There are opportunities to show your stuff by hosting community classes and events.

We arrange for tribe dinners 7 nights, from Saturday to Sunday. We have found this to work really well.

A benefit to setting up the structures is being allowed into Burning Man early. We love to watch the playa grow! You feel like you own the damn place ;)