Ascension Tribe

Ascension Tribe at Burning Man 2009 (What is Burning Man?)

Hello everyone!
Thanks so much for participating in the Ascension Tribe this year, or just stopping by! We had a great time, and hope to see you all again some time.
If there is anyone in the Ascension Tribe community that you want to get in touch with, contact us, we can put you on the email list so you can stay in touch with the tribe.

Much love, Keenya

Ascension Tribe is a spiritual and sensually playful place for ritual, workshops and gatherings that connect body, mind, spirit and soul to new levels of freedom and ascension.

Now in our 6th year on the playa, we offer unique and popular transformational events focusing mainly on the spiritual nature of growth and development in the areas of spiritual awareness, self discovery, oneness and all which honors the divine in all that is.

We offer these transformational practices in ways that enhance participants abilities to connect with oneself and others on new powerful ascending levels, thereby shattering old patterns and programs that are limiting and disempowering.

We accomplish this through providing education and opportunities for new experiences for you to see yourself in ways you never knew were possible.

Our physical home on the playa includes the Ascension Temple, a beautifully decorated dome whose lighted disco ball top has been a beacon of light on the Esplanade for five years.

We provide a safe, nurturing space within the Ascension Temple, designed with the energy and experience of a holy womb, where life changing shifts can begin to develop and be born.